BOMBER Overview

Version: 1.0
Author: Jan Michalovic
      BOMBER is 3D Airplane simulator in C/C++ using GLFW OpenGL framework. GLFW framework should ease off later porting of the Bomber to other Operating Systems. BOMBER also uses other components such as FreeType library or Zlib library.
      BOMBER is published under GNU GPL Licence.


BOMBER is 3D single player game, where player is given a Bomber to fly over enemy territories in order to accomplish objective of a particular mission. Player flies over a land with different objects such as Civilian Buildings, Tanks, Airbases, Factories, AA missile stations, etc. which can be destroyed or damaged by bombardment. Airplane is always centered on the screen and camera moves with the bomber. In the beginning of each level player is instructed what to do in order to fulfill the mission, i.e. Destroy Enemy Nuke Factory and Radar Station. Player interacts with the game by using Keyboard and/or mouse.


Version Nr. Feature Description Status
0.1 Camera Movement Movement of camera according to user's input Done (18.2.)
0.1 Loading 3D models Simple implementation of 3D models loading into app. Done (20.2.)
0.1 Loading and Displaying Raw MAP Loading height map from an external file, and displaying basic Land using textures. Done (26.2.)
0.1 Different Camera Views Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Back and Front predefined views. Done (6.3.)
0.1 User controls Users controls to control Camera movement and Map rotation Done (26.2.)
0.1 Sky Displaying a basic sky (with stars and moon or sun, etc.) as a background Done (5.6.)
0.1 Hidden surface removal method Oct/Quad-tree or another optimization Done (30.5.)
0.2 Displaying Objects on the map Positioning objects on the Map, scaling objects that are too big or too small NIY
0.2 Score and Game Info Additional information about Game/Scenario/Bomber etc. NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY
0 None NoDescription NIY