Bomber is 3D airplane simulator in C/C++ based on GLFW OpenGL framework. This project aims to create full, playable 3D game, with heavily commented source codes, that would be a fundament for creating a tutorial concernig all sides of Game development process.

Latest News

Bomber 0.0.6 released
    yanco - 2005-08-28 11:33

Bomber 0.0.5 released
    yanco - 2005-05-30 22:05

Bomber 0.0.4 released
    yanco - 2005-03-06 11:04

About The Bomber
 - Bomber, as its name suggests, is a bomber simulator. Unlike most of the simulators out there, that try to simulate intercepting airplnates, Bomber is simulator of a bombarding airplane that concentrates on massive bombardment of enemy territories. You'll play pilot of a bomber who is to fly different missions over enemy territories in order to win the war for your side. As you accomplish given missions, you'll be promoted and granted better types of armament. You as a player can then choose what bombs you are going to uset for a particular mission. Your armament consists of bombs of different weights, napalm charges, heavy guns to ultimate weapon Nuke. The overall goal of the game is to destroy all strategical enemy structures. For more information about the Bomber, planed and implemented features see documentation in our DOCUMENTATION section.

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